You've probably been pouring in time, energy and money into your social media presence for a while. 

After all, it's what you're supposed to do isn't it? 

If you're anything like the hundreds of other small business owners I've worked with, you're tired of seeing nothing come of it! 

I get it! I've been there! 

Here's the thing, I'm not here to sell you some 'secret sauce' that only fancy marketing people know and sell to make themselves loads of money (and no one else!)

I'm here to tell you where to focus your energy, how to grow an audience that is actually your potential customer and to teach you how to create content that will do your business justice, bringing you customers that LOVE you. 

  • Join a community of other small business owners

  • Get personalised strategy advice

  • Define your brand and be able to describe what you do!

  • Learn more about your Target Audience and how to reach them online

  • Decide which Social Media Platforms to use

  • Learn how to get more traffic, likes and followers from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin 

  • Create a 2 Month Content Plan using my unique framework.

  • Explore Content Scheduling Tools and Bulk Content Creation Tactics.

  • Learn about the Content Marketing Funnel and how it can help you get new customers.


As with anything, it works as much as you do.

There are truly NO shortcuts in business marketing but I understand the unique struggles of a small business owners; you don't like doing it, you don't know if you're doing it right, you've got no time and no budget to outsource it. 

However, I am 110% committed to giving you the tools to create an impactful social media presence that brings in more cash and more of the RIGHT customers, in less time and with less stress. When you join this course, you get my full attention to help you move the needle in your business.



  • 30 minute private intro session with me

  • 1 hour Brand Strategy Session with Shev Simon

  • 4 group Mastermind calls

  • 22 short video-based 'lessons'

  • 6 strategy activities

  • A Social Media Strategy Workbook

  • Access to all of my templates, tools and worksheets.

  • Unlimited Whatsapp support for the duration of the course.

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HI! IT'S ME! 1st .png

I'm Bridie (Pronounced Bry-Dee). I'm 27, I live in Ra'anana, Israel with my LA raised-Moroccan husband & Israeli-raised, british-moroccan toddler. 
I've been in the Social Media for Business game since before it was a thing - I spent the first 6 years of my career creating content & managing social media accounts for UK businesses in Retail, B2B/tech/SaaS and European Conferences & Events.

For the past 4 years I've been training, consulting, coaching and creating.


I realised that my passion was in small businesses - where I could make the most impact to someone's pocket - and I realised that small businesses actually usually can't afford quality social media management but desperately need some help.

SO I now offer a couple of things:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

- A bunch of free tools, worksheets and systems to help small business owners get started


- Strategy days: a whole day of you and me working on your social media strategy and figuring out what's not working and how you can use it better to grow your business!


- This Social Media Mastermind: a 4 week course designed to teach small business owners how to build a social media + content marketing strategy.

Got questions? Email me or shoot me a DM!


Week One

- Your Brand Message (with Shev Simon)

- Target Audience Analysis

- Your Customers Problem 

- Choosing your Social Media Platforms

- Intro to Content Creation

Week Two

- The AIDA Content Marketing Funnel

- Brainstorming Content Ideas

- Formatting your content - video, graphics, storytelling, live and more

- Your Content Calendar

- Creating quality content in bulk, faster

- My Super Simple Social Media System 

Week Three

- Pre-scheduling your content - do's & dont's

- Understanding Social Media Algorithms ( a guide to understanding them forever!)

- How to grow your audience (Instagram. Linkedin. Pinterest. Facebook)

- Promoting your posts - do's & dont's

Week Four

- Writing your social media strategy 

- Creating one month's content


How long will this mastermind take me each week?

Our weekly group call will take about an hour, the videos & materials around 30 minutes and the activities at least an hour but I recommend you take more time to give it your best effort. Please note: During Week One, we'll have a private 30 min 1:1, a 1 hour group call AND you are also invited to take a 1 hour session with Brand Messaging expert Shev Simon.

Do I need to join the group calls?

Yes! The group calls are a vital part of this mastermind; not only do I provide context and guidance for the online materials but I'll also troubleshoot your queries from the week and open up the floor to get objective and helpful feedback from the other participants. 5 heads are better than 1! Your commitment to the group is key.

Who is this for?

This mastermind is designed for anyone who manages the marketing for a small business. Small business owners and marketing managers are welcome to join. Students and social media marketing enthusiasts are welcome to contact me to decide if this is appropriate for you.

Can I pay in installments?

I accept up to three payments. If coronavirus has severely impacted your business, please contact me as I may have additional solutions for you to help with the cost.