• Kenizsa Wang

3 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

I have been working in the world of social media and marketing for over 10 years. Living and breathing strategy makes me aware of all the latest and greatest when it comes to promoting your business.

Alas, with the good, comes the bad. There are some mistakes (or as I call them marketing no-nos!!) that you must avoid at all times. These practices are just so ineffective and will be extremely damaging to your business.

Keep on reading the top 3 mistakes I see business make that get a flat NO from me.

1. Adding people you do not know on facebook and then inviting them to like your business page. This is a bad move. It is really not appreciated by the random person you are spamming with invites and requests. To put it bluntly, you’re going to piss them off. Most importantly, you could be investing your time and energy in creating an actual connection with your actual target audience. Please do not waste people’s time, including your own.

*FYI this tactic applies to not only facebook but also WhatsApp groups, Instagram, email lists and more.

2. Tagging people on posts they have no relation to or prior knowledge of. You might think tagging as many people as possible on your is a good idea because then it’s getting in front of lots of people and thus will receive more engagement.

Honestly, it’s rude to demand someone’s attention like that. If you’re thinking, “Well Bridie, they’re my target audience! I need to reach out to them!” Then all the more reason you need to stop doing this ASAP! You can effectively ruin your relationship with this potential customer by forcing them to look at posts that are of no interest to them. That is just bad business practice.

3. Leaving spammy comments on posts.

It can be on Instagram, Facebook, wherever. I’m talking about those “Love your profile - great post! Check out our profile here!” Or, ya know, something along those lines. For me personally, I always delete those comments. Consequently, those businesses have lost me as a potential customer forever. Again, you want to focus on real connections and real engagement. Have nothing good to say? Then don’t say anything! Focus on quality comments and interactions on social media.

In short, quality engagement = quality customers!

So please, heed my warning and avoid these mistakes at all costs! Just straight out throw them in the bin. Do your best to focus on constructive strategies. Ones that will bring you closer with your target audience and in turn, bring you more sales and clients.

Feeling a kind of overwhelmed with how to do that? Let me help! I’ve helped countless small business owners create doable social media strategies that create the empire they’ve been dreaming of.

Sound like this is exactly what you’re looking for? Why don’t you find out for yourself! I invite you to check out my Social Media Mastermind here.

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