3 reasons why Content Planning will save you time

It’s Tuesday. You haven’t posted anything to Instagram all week. You wanted to do a video but you haven’t scripted it yet, let alone filmed or edited.

You bang out a brief script. You throw on some make-up. You film it. You edit it. You upload to IGTV. You write the caption. HASHTAGS - gah! Which hashtags will I use? OK. Got it. Posted.

Phew. It’s 9pm. It’s not the ideal time to post. But you posted.

It took you all day. What a nightmare.

Here’s why planning ahead will save you a bunch of time.

- Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Let’s be honest, a video that you’ve hurriedly put together in a matter of hours is not going to be your finest work, and therefore you’re probably not going to see a high return on investment of the time you spent on it.

- A To Do List Helps You Prioritize

When you’re scrambling around you’re not thinking about which tasks take priority and where the best spend of your time is.

Creating content has many moving parts; scripting, writing, designing, filming, editing, different platforms with different dimensions. It’s easy to get lost in a blackhole of running from one task to another, and end the day with nothing finished.

Having a clear to do list ready on the day you’ve set aside to create content will give you a place to start, and a number of tasks to finish.

New tasks that come up throughout the day can be written down in a list for tomorrow, ensuring you don’t get distracted as things crop up.

Less distractions, more focus = saving time.

- The antidote to procrastination

Procrastination is a deep rooted habit we have and one that rears its ugly head everytime we try to tackle something big and overwhelming.

Big tasks are only achievable if you can first break them down into smaller, easier chunks.

By planning ahead and creating to do lists, you can avoid procrastinating and wasting time every single month!