• Kenizsa Wang

3 Ways To Boost Your Engagement on Instagram - Fast

You’re on Instagram promoting your business and putting a face to your brand (mother Bridie is so very proud!) But the amount of engagement you are receiving on your profile is pretty dismal.


It could be that putting in hours of work into getting more interaction with your target audience isn’t really on the table right now. We all have lives, I get it.

So, how does one go about boosting their Instagram engagement, like, yesterday? Here are 3 ways you can increase that engagement - fast!

1. Make a friend

Make a point to follow someone new everyday. It not only helps to grow your account it also has the additional benefit of giving you new people to interact with (thus, more engagement for you!) New eyeballs on your posts often can encourage more comments and likes which means a quick boost engagement that will hopefully last!

2. Spice up your stories

Stories are amazing for a bunch of reasons (which I’ll get into later!) one of which increases your engagement almost immediately. Simply use polls on one of your stories for some ‘instant’ interaction from your followers. Think of it as a conversation starter between you and your target audience. Cute!

3. Comment like your life depends on it! Leave a comment on other’s posts and make sure to respond to comments on your post (preferably as soon as possible!) to be seen favourably in Instagram’s algorithm. This will help boost your posts and your profile to be seen to more people that are and are not following you. Also, try to make sure to like and respond to older comments, that way you are bringing back some attention to your profile and reminding the poster that you are reading their response!

I encourage you to go out there, try some of these tips out and let me know if it's working!

Looking for a little bit more help in the Instagram department? Don’t stress - I’m here to demystify social media and how it can be used to help grow your empire!

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