3 ways to brainstorm new social media ideas - fast!

Stuck for ideas? Lost for new posts? Worried you are boring the pants off of your followers?

Here’s 3 ways you can brainstorm new, and original, social media ideas, fast!

1. Write down the 5 most basic elements of what you do.

If you teach, or coach, on a specific topic - strip it back to the very first things you teach people when they start working with you.

When you’ve got 5 things, expand each one by creating a post title that meets the following:

  • Fun/entertaining/easy to digest

  • Something educational

  • Something relatable or personal

  • A promotional post

Now you’ve got 20 new posts!

2. Ask your audience

Ask your audience what they need help with.

(Instagram stories is a great way to do this)

Ask a series of questions in poll form and give them just two options to choose from in a poll - you’ll often get extra comments and replies.

3. Go back to last year’s posts

Take a look at your posts from last year, are there topics that you didn’t cover in much detail? Are there posts that got LOTS of comments and engagement that you could revisit or post an ‘update’ on.