3 Ways To Get More Engagement on Instagram

Countless tears and frustration from my clients have been brought to my attention - all caused by social media! It’s my job, nay, my sacred duty to make all of my clients feel empowered and ready to take on any challenge thrown their way.

This is why I want to address one of the topmost stress-inducing topics - ZERO ENGAGEMENT!

Just the thought of this can send small business owners screaming into the hills or huddled into the fetal position in a dark corner.

When a client has spent countless hours working on their Instagram posts; scheduling, branding, posting, and more - it can often feel wasted and downright disheartening if their customers have nothing to say!

Take a deep breath and let Bridie help!

Here are my top 3 ways to get more engagement on Instagram.

1. Give a reason

When creating content to post on Instagram, it’s a good idea to ask yourself, “Is this a post my target audience will want to engage with?”

This gives you an excellent foundation to start off with. If you’re a florist posting cat memes, don’t get any high hopes that your audience will come running to comment.

2. Ask them

Sometimes we all need a little push to get out there and be social!

Even the most stellar of captions can be pushed out of your ideals customer’s mind if you’re not utilising - drum roll please - a CTA! Your call to action is a way to get your target audience to want to engage with your post instead of just scrolling by.

3. Sharing is caring

Or in other words - you get what you give!

Yes, social media platforms like Instagram are meant for you to be, wait for it...SOCIAL!

Waiting for all the comments, likes, and shares to come your way while you give nothing in return doesn’t really seem fair, does it? Nope.

Start off by making friends with your followers or others in your niche. Drop a nice comment and start engaging with others and soon you’ll see a growth of engagement on your account as well.

See? Feel better now? I knew you would! Just by implementing these simple changes with your Instagram account and I will guarantee you will see more engagement in no time.


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