5 reasons to love Content Planning in a planner

There are two ways to plan your social media content; digitally or on paper.

There are hundreds of online Content Calendar templates and tools but for a task that requires focus and creativity, there’s nothing quite as powerful as pen and paper.

Here’s why:

1. Slow down the brain

When we write with a pen, our brains are forced to slow down to the speed at which we can write.

This means there’s more time for ideas to form!

2. Use the whole page

When we use a google doc, excel sheet or even something like Notion, we are confined to the boundaries of the page. We have to contend with the margins, lines, columns.

Planning your content is a creative process and creativity knows no borders!

Being able to use the entire page, in any direction, in any colour, big or small, in the middle or around the edges, means creativity can flow!

3. Think deeper

When writing by hand your brain becomes sharper because you’re thinking about how to write down the most important information, quickly and enables your brain to process and lock in all of the things you’ve written down.

This is handy when you come back to actually write your content and need to remember what your thought process was when you wrote down the ideas!

4. Doodles

Doodling helps you think and connect ‘the dots’ between thoughts!

5. Creating a special space for content planning

Stepping away from the notifications, the noise, the emails, the distractions to sit at the table with your markers and your content planner - there’s NOTHING more conducive to incredible ideas than that.

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