8 reasons you NEED a content calendar

  1. To ensure you use all of your wonderful ideas & to tie them all together

  2. To ensure that you don't forget to 'promote' your business/product

  3. To give you an opportunity to see the 'bigger picture' ahead of time

  4. To help you stay on track towards your goals

  5. To make sure you're giving value to your audience

  6. To create repetition and the opportunity for recognition

  7. To help you repurpose content across your accounts (so you're not always creating new stuff)

  8. To give you a concise to-do list so you can spend less time faffing around when creating content

Your Social Media is not a collection of single pieces of content. It's an intricately woven piece of art.

As a whole, it helps your target audience form an impression of you. It's many facets of you and your business put together in one place.

Without a calendar you are painting without a muse, without inspiration, without an end vision!

[Download my free content calendar excel template here or learn more about The Jewish Content Planner 2021 Printable!]