How to create content that converts into customers!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the AIDA Funnel! Yes, some of you may be scratching your heads as to what this may be, but trust me when I say that this will become a HUGE game changer when it comes to how you create new content.

AIDA Funnel:

A - Awareness

I- Interest

D - Desire

A - Action

Funnels are a crucial component when it comes to creating your strategy for social media.

You could be creating a butt-load of amazing content but then it can as if no one is taking the plunge and making any purchases.

Let me walk you through the AIDA funnel. These simple steps will help transform your content into a magical path that will lead your target audience to buy!

So listen up!

Step One: Awareness

This is when your ideal customer is becoming, well, aware! They are starting to notice you or your content. This customer is most likely making a snap decision as to whether they like you or not.

With this in mind, your content should be easy to connect with as well as helpful, short and sweet, attention-grabbing, or even entertaining. See what fits best with your brand.

Step Two: Interest

Interest comes into play when your ideal customer is getting to know you a bit better and basically wants to further validate their choice to pay attention to you.

Moving forward your content should be more in-depth, build rapport and connections, really fill a need or helps them with a problem.

Step Three: Desire

The customer is starting to want you (oh la la!) and is letting you know that they are paying attention through comments, likes, and shares - aka engagement. They, again, would like some validation of their attention spent on your content. Because they are spending time on you make sure to reciprocate with replies and recognition!

With this in mind, your content should be value heavy. Some examples can be doing a live session, showcase studies/testimonials, or offer a lead magnet.

Step Four: Action

This is the step you've been waiting for! Your customer is ready to buy from you! Woo-hoo! But they might not have thought about it yet or know what that looks like. Confused? Don't be!

Now you should be creating a promotional call to action. This is the perfect opportunity to give people a clear picture of what buying from you looks like for them. Give a clear call to action. Lead the customer to exactly where you want them to be - an email list, product page, or landing page.

You got this! It may seem like a lot, but I know you can do it!

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