• Kenizsa Wang

Tips for an Instagram Bio that Converts!

There are a lot of important elements to consider when it comes to marketing your small business on Instagram. Many of my clients stress over the aesthetic of their feed, finding the perfect hashtag, or worrying about the amount of followers.

Many times people seem to overlook the tiny (but mighty) part of your Instagram profile that can turn all those likes into sales.

Why yes, I am talking about your Instagram bio!

The Instagram bio is often overlooked or simply misunderstood. It’s short and not exactly a part of your feed.

But I’m here to change your impression of the Instagram bio because it is just SO. DANG. IMPORTANT! The bio is the place where you can show off your business for all the world to see. It’s a chance to catch the attention of a potential customer and attract additional followers.

I hear you asking through your screen, how can I do all of this in 150 (or less) characters?! Keep reading for my top tips and tricks for getting your Instagram bio to convert!

1. Who you are

Say it loud and say it proud! The perfect way to start off your bio is by saying who you are. The main benefit of this being searchability aka when your target audience is searching for you on insta you will be easily findable!

2. What you do

What is your business all about? What services or products do you offer? It may sound a bit tricky but try you best to keep this as short and sweet as possible! Remember - your space is limited.

3. Location, location, location

This tip can be optional but for those businesses that are based locally you need to take this seriously! If you want the word out that you practice or sell in a certain area, make sure to include this vital information in your bio! Again, for searchability but also to basically put your location in ‘neon lights’ so it’s crystal clear.

4. CTA

Ah, the call to action - my favourite part! This is what everything has leading up to. The call to action essentially gives the reason why whoever is reading your bio or feed NEEDS (and I mean, just absolutely needs to!) click on your bio link. Some examples could be offering a freebie or a discount. Make sure, however, to make it clear where the link will be leading this potential customer to. Be truthful and please avoid misleading information!

So, there you have it! A great way to get you started on building that awesome Instagram bio. I would love to see what you come up with - make sure to tag me @bridiecastiel so I can see your hard work!

Still feeling a bit stuck or unsure of what to do next? I have got you covered! I’m on a mission to make social media doable for every small business owner and that’s why I created my Social Media Mastermind. 12 weeks of learning, strategizing and support to help you grow your empire.

Have any questions? Let me know (you can DM me on Instagram or Facebook)

You got this!

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