a little about my journey

Let me take you back to 2010 in a medium-sized B2B company:

Social Media was the thing that got dumped on the most 'tech savvy', sort-of-marketing person in the team. 

It meant posting a couple of times a year to the company Facebook Page, something like 'Happy New Year' and 'look at this shiny award we got'. 

As both the leading sales manager and the youngest employee, guess who got lumped with that responsibility? 

This began a decade long obsession with Social Media Marketing for Business, and a desire to build my own company.

After 6 years of building a Social Media Management agency, I realised that there's a real issue for Small Business Owners...

Quality Social Media Management is too expensive & cheaper social media management is too ineffective.


Business Owners wear many hats, marketing hat included but there's so much to learn, so many moving parts, it takes so much time! 

In 2019 I set out to change all that with my solution to the problem, teach small business owners how to build Social Media Marketing Strategies. 

If a small business owner has a strategy, then they can outsource the 'busy work' to a cost effective social media manager and there's a chance of success! 

If a small business owner has a strategy AND the skills to do it all themselves in much less time there is an enormous opportunity for success! 

I LOVE seeing others succeed, seeing them realise the power and control they have over their business growth and understanding, finally, what makes Social Media Marketing work! 

Want this to be you?

Learn how to create powerful
Social Media Content and grow your audience in this 4 week online course. 



  • 30 Min Private Intro Session 

  • 1 Hour Branding Session

  • 4 Group Strategy Calls

  • 24 Video Lessons

  • 6 Strategy Activities

  • Social Media Strategy Workbook

Price: 4100nis

(VAT exempt)


Let's build your Social Media Strategy together in a day! 


  • 3 hour Strategy & Vision Call

  • Social Media Account Audit 

  • 90 Day Content Plan that we'll build together

  • An Action Plan to help you get your business out there

  • Intro to Marketing Automation Tools & Technical Setup & Support 

  • Unlimited Whatsapp Consulting for One Week

Price: 2500nis (inc VAT)


Join my free members community to learn how to grow your business using Social Media.


  • Quarterly Mini-Course

  • Monthly Q&A Live

  • Weekly How-To Video

  • First access to all my content

The social media cafe






"Bridie gave me a personal workshop that started from the most VERY basic tour of a LinkedIn page, and then taught me how it functions, what I want to write where, and how to connect to my people.

You can't teach the basics AND all its power unless you are a master. I am so grateful.

Thanks, Bridie! 5 stars!"

Shev S. (Shine Brand Clarity)

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