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Bridie Castiel, social media strategist in Ra'anana Israel


We socialise so you don’t have to

Increase your social media presence and connect to your people, the easy way.

The struggle is real...

If you're anything like the hundreds of other small business owners I've worked with, you're tired of seeing such teeny tiny results from your massive social media efforts.

It’s not you, it’s them!

And by them, I mean the social media platforms themselves.

They are hungry toddlers, always needing to be fed! They are capricious, with constantly evolving algorithms!

Social media management Israel
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Here’s our secret superpower

We love hungry toddlers! For us, building a successful social media strategy is fun! We get creative, agile, and out-of-the-box!

Are you ready for an easier way to grow your business?

Let us take care of planning, posting, and connecting to all the right people, so you can concentrate on Your Genius Thing while we get you seen and heard.

Bridie Castiel Social Media Strategist
Let's get to work

Let's get to work


I want someone to manage my social media for me

Let my team take care of it for you: strategy, content creation, posting, community growth, and world domination.

Bridie Castiel - Social Media Management
Bridie Castiel - Social Media Strategy


I want a social media strategy that I can follow by myself

Together let’s build a simple-but-effective strategy that’ll give you the framework to grow your own business.

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Come on over...

You might have guessed already, but I LIVE on Social Media, so come over and meet me! Every week I post helpful content and I’m always happy to answer your questions.

Bridie Castiel - Instagram Strategist
Bridie Castiel - Social Media Management in Israel

Hihi, Bridie here

Social media strategist, technology wizard, CEO, mum, laundry-hater, and terrible plant owner.

After 10 years in this field, I’m more passionate and excited about Social Media Marketing than ever. The longer social media exists, the more complex it gets - and I just have to keep leveling up my game!


It gives me great joy and satisfaction to harness the energy of social media to help my clients achieve the success in their business that they are dreaming of.


"Bridie does more than social media marketing.

She uses a huge range of digital and online marketing tools to support our objectives; both brand awareness and lead generation. She also uses analytics to measure the success of different campaigns & marketing initiatives and brings new ideas to the table. She delivers consistently as promised."


- Tony Groom (CEO - Finance)


Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

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