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Strategy Session

Bridie Castiel, social media strategist in Ra'anana Israel

Picture this: A morning with me dedicated to your business.

But first, coffee. Then, zoom.

I sip, you talk: I want to hear about your dream, your vision, the customers you love and how you help them. 

Then, you sip, I talk: I’ll show you how everything you already know about your business and your customers will help us create the BEST Social Media strategy ever. 

One that is really perfect for getting your customers to really SEE you and how you can help them.

Finally, you rest and I build your plan on paper. A plan that is easy for you to follow, tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. A realistic plan that I believe will get you to your goal. 

Who is this for

This is for you if you’re doing a bit of social media already but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right.

Or if you’re not sure where to start. 

Or if you want to launch something new and are ready to level up your social media game.

But above all, this is for the business owner who is ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work.

What you get:

Social Media Audit & personalised recommendations for your profiles

Target Audience Analysis

2 hour Strategy Session

Personalised 60 Day Content Calendar

A ‘Next Steps’ Action Plan

Unlimited Whatsapp Consulting for One Week

Access to a library of how-to videos, templates, and tools for creating your content

A warm, fuzzy feeling inside that you invested time into building a well thought out strategy.

A happy dance when you see the actual impact that following your strategy has on your business. 

This Strategy Session costs 2,100 NIS (INC VAT)

Bridie Castiel, social media strategist in Ra'anana Israel


"I took a course with Bridie and it has really changed how I use social media.

I was so disorganised before and I just posted whenever I felt like it and now I have a process, everything is organised and I post daily. I learnt so much from Bridie, everything on the course was so easy to understand and work through and you really learn how social media works. I would tell everyone to work with Bridie if they are a small business looking to bring in clients via social media."


- Rebecca Pash (Business Owner - Health & Fitness)


Bridie Castiel, social media strategist in Ra'anana Israel

Let's get to work

Together let’s build a simple-but-effective strategy that’ll give you the framework to grow your own business.

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