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Social Media Management

Imagine sitting down with an expert and describing your business vision to them.

Then imagine them reflecting that back to you with a practical social media plan that will help you achieve your vision.

And imagine them putting that plan into action, for you.

Welcome to social media management!

There’s a formula to creating social media content that converts.

And we’ve tried and tested it on hundreds of businesses before yours - and created success for them, time and again.

Bridie Castiel, social media strategist in Ra'anana Israel
Social media management in Ra'anana Israel

Here’s how it works

(the short version!)

First, we meet for a strategy session.


We’ll ask you a series of questions and we will uncover everything we need to know about your business to build an effective plan. Then, we’ll turn that information into your social media strategy. You’ll be handed a carefully curated list of posts to write.

And then, while you’re busy doing That Genius Thing only you can do, we’ll edit them, add custom-designed visuals, and post them strategically on social media.


We’ll also be growing your connections and your community with friendly and helpful engagement, which means, we’ll get to know your clients, and they’ll get to know you.

Who is this for

Established businesses looking to create more visibility, find new ways to attract customers, and grow!

New businesses & startups with revenue or funding who are looking to ‘launch’.

Non-Profit Organisations looking to attract donors, fundraise using social media, and build more awareness around the cause and/or organisation.

Here are the steps

(in detail!)


Accounts handover/setup 

Profile optimisation: profile pictures, bio/about descriptions, links


Understanding your target audience and their challenges

Deciding how to reach them, which platforms to use, what kind of content

Planning your content for the upcoming mont


We’ll build out your content calendar including notes about what we recommend you write.

You’ll write, we’ll edit. 

We’ll design the visuals, help you with any videos needed, and wrap it all up with a bow ready for publishing.


Your amazing new content, optimised for each platform and posted strategically.

10 minutes a day, on each platform, engaging with and growing your audience.

Bridie Castiel, social media strategist in Ra'anana Israel


Small Business & NGO

Strategic high quality content designed especially for your target audience, to help you grow organically on a budget. 

We use our standard formula and customise it according to your business details, vision and target audience.

Package 01

We’ll manage one profile for you on your platform of choice. 
This includes 3 posts per week + 2 stories.

3,000 NIS + MA'AM

Package 02

We’ll manage two profiles for you on your platform(s) of choice. 
This includes 4 posts per week + 3 stories.

4,000 NIS + MA'AM

Package 03

We’ll manage three profiles for you on your platform(s) of choice. 
This includes 5 posts per week + 5 stories.

5,000 NIS + MA'AM

Our mission is to create genuine relationships with your target audience on your behalf, so that you see steady, continued growth in your business (world domination, later).


  • All packages come with an onboarding fee of 1,600 NIS + VAT. 

  • Extra posts, or posts in Hebrew are available at an additional fee.

  • All packages come with a minimum 3 month commitment


Custom Package

Looking for something NEXT level?

More content? A dedicated Social Media Manager? A corporate strategy?

For a more customised proposal, designed for accelerated growth and larger companies, please book a call below.


Video Content

We create short-form video content designed for Instagram Reels, TikTok and Youtube Shorts. Learn more about our video packages here.


Ad Campaign Management

Ads Management is available as an add on to Social Media Management, or as a standalone ads campaign.


"Bridie demonstrates a great understanding of how social media can help a company engage with its audience.

She is proactive in suggesting ways to use the platforms and is enthusiastic, with an eye for detail. Would recommend her to any organisation who is looking for expertise in the social media arena."


- Scherezade D. (CEO - Cybersecurity)


Let's get going

Let my team take care of it for you: strategy, content creation, posting, community growth, and world domination.

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